‘Live Fashion Love Style’
‘Embrace your own Style, Feel Body Confident, Empower your Inner Self to look & feel amazing!’

Asha Shah

Never again will you have a moment where you cannot decide what to wear!

Discovering your own sense of style is a journey of self discovery which will last a lifetime! Knowing your body shape and colours, with my help, will change the way you look at your wardrobe, and transform your shopping experience.


What I Offer

Personal Styling by Asha

Personal Styling

Your style is what makes you you! It gives you your identity, paints a picture, tells a story about you as a person!   Its all about having that self-belief and confidence in yourself, in what you wear and this is where I come in.  I can help you discover your own true style, a self-discovery that will last a lifetime.  Knowing your body shape and colours, with my help, will change the way you look at your wardrobe, and transform your shopping experience.  Together we will create a fully functioning sustainable wardrobe to match your lifestyle!

Personal Brand Styling

As a business your Personal Brand Photos are so important! They paint a picture to your potential clients about your business and you! Why they should invest in you! And what makes you different from your competitors! I can help you with all your styling needs to send that perfect message out there!

Wardrobe Detox

Wardrobe edits/revamps

Together we can find new ways to wear your current wardrobe and transform it into something new, something wearable and something that reflects you! I will help you to invest in key pieces that will fill any gaps you may have. Remember it is not always about ‘Out with the old, In with the New!’.

Asha's Workshops


‘Knowing who you are and who you want to be in the world’ is where your style comes from!   I have collaborated with industry specialists to bring you a series of workshops in Personal Branding, Health & Wellness and Fashion.  Because together we aim to inspire and motivate you to reach your highest potential.  So jump on board this journey that will last a lifetime!


Frequently Asked

What stores will we visit on our shopping trip?

From our style consultation I will get an idea of your likes and dislikes in terms of stores and designers, what your styling needs are, your budget and based on all this I will decide which stores will be the best fit for you.  It is completely individual for each client.

Can I bring my husband/mum/friend?

Of course you can! But I would say that this is something just for you and because I am professional in my service and totally impartial you may find it easier to be more honest with me and then it can sometimes be with family and friends.   Also time can run when we are having fun!  However, when we have our style consultation we can have a chat and decide what is perfect for you.

Do you have a Personal Styling qualification?

Yes I graduated from the London College of Style in 2019.  But with styling the greatest achievement is all the experience that dates back to when I was in my 20s.

What kind of budget should I consider?

Well this all depends on what you are after in terms of whether it is a whole new wardrobe, or just an outfit for an occasion.  If you are after a wardrobe revamp and Personal Styling shop then a sensible budget can be between £1000 to £2000.  But remember this does all depend on the types of shops you are looking at visiting too, and of course you may buy less than what I have recommended for you so of course it can change.

Can I purchase a gift voucher?

Gift vouchers are fantastic and very popular for birthdays and seasonal special days (Christmas, mothers/ fathers day, anniversaries) not forgetting corporate or event prizes.  You can decide to but a full service of pay towards part of a service.

How does the Personal Shop Styling Experience work?

Based on our style consultation I will do a pre shop, where I will put items aside, take photos and find specific shops to meet your needs.   When we meet, we will first have a coffee and discuss which shops we will be visiting and what you hope from the day ahead.  Then I will take you to the shops, where you will go straight to the changing rooms to try on the pre-selected looks, including accessories.  We can change up a look if you are not completely satisfied and by the end we will have achieved our goal of helping you to look and feel amazing and create a wardrobe 6o match your lifestyle!

What should I wear on a Shopping Trip?

Something comfortable is key, that is easy to change in and out of.  Also it would be good to take a good pair of heels or shoes with you as this can be very useful when trying on trousers, skirts and maxi dresses.

Do you style Men too?

I style both men and women

I'm camera shy, how will you put me at ease?

During our style consultation I will find out your likes and dislikes and from this I will be able to help you put your mind at ease.  When we have chosen you outfits you will realise how amazing you look and will not look back! 

Do you have preferred Photographers?

I work we a selected group of photographers who are excellent in their field and so I can recommend the perfect one for you! 

Can you recommend a makeup artist?

I have a selection of make up artists that I work with on  Personal Brand Shoots so we can find the perfect one for you!

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